Thursday, January 22, 2009

Team LOVE Challange!

Dearest Honeybee Helpers,

Our team has a brand new challenge! The theme of the challenge is "LOVE."
Your challenge item can be love interpreted quite literally, with pinks, reds, hearts, and very-Valentine, etc. It could also be an item designed for a wedding. It could be an item modeled after something (or someone) that you love- such as, if you love nature, you could do an eco-friendly item. If you love bees (and I'm sure you do!), you could do any item you like and donate the proceeds to a CCD research to show your love for bees.

The list of ideas incorporating love is endless!

The challenge entries are due by February 14.

Please take pictures of your challenge entry, and then post them on the Ning or here on the blog (or both), with a short paragraph about the item.

On February 15, I'll post all the challenge entries here on the blog together and then we'll start a poll and vote on them. Whoever wins the challenge gets a special surprise :)

Part of the prize is still TBD, but you'll get a small gift from me at the very least.

Even if you're posted and sold your item before the due date of February 14, of course it will still be in the running so we can vote on it.

On the Etsy Gift Guides, there are a bunch of ideas in the "Season of Love" category so if you're feeling stuck, check that out!

Buzzin' on home now,