Sunday, January 11, 2009

MEMBERS! Weekly Chats!

PSA to the members of the team!

We'll now be having weekly chats every Wednesday at 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

To attend the chats, go to, and then click "Community." Then click "Chat."

The team chat room will be called Honeybee Helpers Chat. It will be password protected and the password can be found on Ning!

I understand that there will be some who can't make that time each week, as it's so hard to accommodate everyone's schedule. But if you can make it, please stop in! Even if you can only stay a few minutes, that would be great- that way if we're discussing something specific, you can give us your input, then be on your way.

Also if you go to Etsy Chat close to 2:00 and don't see the chat room anywhere, absolutely feel free to start the room. It's pretty easy.

If any earth-shattering things are discussed or decided during the chats, if I am there I will try and post a summary here on the blog and on Ning.



Anonymous said...

i'm sorry i am going to miss this chat...i'll be at work. :(

HoneyBeeHelpers said...

Thanks for commenting Lara! I'll post some info on Ning, so as long as you check in there you'll be up to date :)