Thursday, January 29, 2009

February Challenge Entry

For the February challenge, I created two lovey-dovey bug Valentine (or any time) cards! They are in the cards section of my Etsy shop.

I created two little (about 5" x 5") works of art which I scanned in, added some text and a background to the design on my computer. Then I printed them onto fine art paper, and mounted them onto light green cardstock- it was fresh and bright and springy, but since I had Valentines day in mind, I'm going to have to go find some red cardstock and make a couple more. But getting the art itself done was the difficult and time consuming part, so here are the two cards! :)

The honey bee and rose was done in pastels and black ink.

The lady bug and grass art was done with colored pencils and black ink.

I'll probably eventually sell the original art, too- I would like to frame it and mat it though, since they are small, and I think that would make a nice presentation.

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Angie said...

The love bug is adorable! I love the way the grass forms the heart.
Angie at LonesomeRoadStudio