Friday, July 25, 2008

Sent samples to the sampler :)

First of all... if you haven't already responded to this thread, please do so!
And THANKS to those of you who already have!!

It would be so wonderful if we got
everyone in here to introduce themselves and we could see all your FABULOUS shops!

Okay, back to the bloggin'...
I sent some samples to the sampler! Craftin Outlaws have an upcoming craft show and are giving away some goodie bags. I sent some 3.5" x 5" notecards (had a bunch of spare envelopes in the appropriate size just sitting here) and with each card, I included a little card with info on the honeybee helpers and my shop.

On the cards I also included the etsy search for BEETEAM, our team tag. I hope that those of you who are using it will get some sales! (Or even just views would be nice) :)

Eh, sorry for the lack of artistic photography/background. It's my summertime-and-super-easy-to-clean vinyl table cloth... But I love it!

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