Monday, July 28, 2008

Honeybee Helpers' First CHALLENGE!

August challenge time!
(I am not sure if we will do this monthly always- I guess we'll see how the first one goes.)

Since we're the bee team, why not have a BEE CHALLENGE for our "initiation challenge"?

* Even if you already have bees in your shop, depending on how long your projects take to create- you could create another bee to keep in stock, or do something new and entirely different.
* If you can't come up with any bees for your shop, you could play around with something using the colors yellow and black, and/or find some cute bee charms to add to a project. (I've seen bee charms available around Etsy!)
* And, feel free to do any type of bee that you want. Our team focus may be on the honeybees, but if you're feeling more inclined toward a bumblebee or wasp, then so BEE it!
* I've seen many cute bee fabrics around local fabric stores, too.

Since we all use a vast variety of materials to create our work, it will be lots of fun to see what all of us come up with! If possible, it would be great to donate the proceeds from these new bees to a bee research charity as well.

Tentative date as of now to show and share your finished project: On or before August 31.

BEE sure to post the pictures of your bee on our Ning site!
(If you're not a member yet, please join! If you didn't get an invitation, I just need your email address. Convo it to samanthasartstudio on Etsy.)

We will also create a post in the Etsy forums and post links to our bees in our shops, too, as a way of promoting our team and all of our stores.

Happy Crafting!
Worker bees away!! Bzzzzzzzzzz...


Barbara said...

It sounds good to me. I'll see what I can come up with.

Caly said...

I already made something, I'll post it when I get the blog author request!


Doris Sturm said...

Ok, count me in. That sounds like fun.

Doris from Honey Bee Crochet

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Sounds like fun. I'm willing to donate a prize to the winner if we will do such things...

Lorrie said...

I think this is a great idea! I'm in!

Anonymous said...

I'm in, I've had an idea for a pendant that I will be working on...
and a few other surprises!

Sheila Satin said...

Look forward to the challenge!
Sheila :)

SG said...

yay! i love the bee team!

nicolecarey said...

i'm in!! is there a way to subscribe to a blog?? i can't figure it out