Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tibetan Prayer Flag

Combine your artistic and spiritual talents to make a prayer flag for the honey bees. While watching a program about quilting, there was a segment on a quilter who kept her sister-in-law company through out her lengthy struggle against cancer. To comfort both of them she began a prayer flag with quotations, and prayers for healing.

More about prayer flags can be found at . Last spring, I made a prayer flag for honey bees and the conquest of CCD. It is a long rectangle of muslin, which is basically white (air). To that rectangle I added strips I'd torn from fabrics with floral or bee designs, and other strips with quotations about bees. Here is one to get you started... “What is not good for the swarm is not good for the bee.” Marcus Aurelius.

I used small safety pins to attach the strips to the muslin background. It hangs outside in our yard, and releases prayers to the universe. It is also a nice reminder to me, to say a prayer when it catches my eye, that the causes of CCD will be discovered, and that if they can be found conquered. When I first heard about CCD there was some belief that cell phones might be causing the demise of bees. I didn't think the bees had much hope if human "beeings" had to abandon cell phones. Thankfully, it now seems more likely that there are viral causes for CCD, although our actions as humans no doubt weaken the environment for feral bees and other animals as well. Cotton Eyed Jo

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