Sunday, June 22, 2008

News of the Bee

Riverton,NJ has been seeing a lot of swarms lately, a seemingly increase in the bee population, one such population has taken to a local church, filling its walls with honey. See the video here.

Weston, WI About 15,000 bees descended upon this town, blocking entrances to local businesses. FOrtunately the exterminator they called was wise enough to call a beekeeper.

New Zealand, Agcarm has sent out 10,000 brochures to help explain to farmers and growers the importance to the honey bee in crop pollination, in hopes that farmers will think about their use of pesticides including what type, how much, and when to preserve the work and life of the bees.

Concord, NC a 100 year old home was found to have about 60,000 honeybees living in the walls, Honey was starting to seep through the walls as well. Some walls had to be torn down to safely remove the bees.

Hollidaysburg, Pa, a boys bees are causing quite a buzz, neighbors have complained. Officials have asked the hive be moved to a more rural area, the owner is ready to take it to court.

There is also an excellent commentary on possible causes of CCD, that can be found here:

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