Monday, May 12, 2008

Far Out! Our team is under way.

Welcome the blog of Etsy's team: Etsy Honeybee Helpers. Our group of crafters and artists joined together as a bee-loving team with multiple goals in mind:
  • Bring awareness to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and the importance of honey bees
  • Raise money for honey bee research charities and CCD awareness campaigns
  • Educate others who want to help honey bees
Our team may launch a Team Store... but in the mean time, some of our members are already donating proceeds from some of their hand crafted items to honey bee research.

Things you can do to help the bees:
  1. Support your local bee keepers! Click HERE to find local honey near you. And if, for some reason, eating heaps of it with a spoon isn't what you had in mind, THIS is a good place to find some recipes!
  2. If you have a yard, plant lots of flowers and try to keep an area of native flowers growing, too. Also, don't use pesticides and chemicals on your yard. If you must, try to wait until the evening around dusk- when the bees have gone to bed. If you don't have a yard, maybe it's time to try some guerilla gardening!
  3. Speaking of pesticides and chemicals, try to buy organic when you can. The less pesticides being thrown around, the better the air is for the bees.
  4. Tell your friends and family (or the guy next to you on the bus, or the person behind you at the grocery store, or anyone who's willing to listen?) about CCD and how important it is to help the bees- share these tips :)

If you wish to BEEcome a member of this team, you must be an Etsy member since this is an Etsy team. Convo samanthasartstudio on Etsy.

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