Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Green Tip of the week.. "Off White"

From my "Page A Day" Calendar from May 17- which isn't today, but I liked this tip :)

Try to break the association between snowy white paper products and cleanliness. White paper products are bleached with chlorine or chlorine derivatives, which release dioxins- known carcinogens and endocrine disrupters- into the environment. (Plus, the chlorine industry itself is amajor source of neurotoxic mercury emissions.) So seek out products labeled Processed Chlorine Free (PCF). Same goes for cotton linens- a pure white product has most likely been treated with toxic bleach.

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Doris Sturm said...

Shocks!!!! I love pure white stuff....but oh, well...small sacrifices must be made in order to be kind and considerate towards our environment.