Thursday, March 12, 2009

Weekly Green Tip!

After a temporary break (busy schedule), I'm back with a green tip for this week!

This is similar to the gray water tip, as it has to do with watering your plants...

You can keep a bucket outside to collect rainwater for your houseplants, or small individual outdoor plants. Since Spring is coming, it's usually a time of a lot of rain and showers for most people, so if you put your bucket(s) out soon, you'll be collecting water in no time!

You can use an old 5-gallon bucket (make sure it didn't contain any harsh chemicals though, like chlorine- unless you're using this on a plant you HATE), or an old tub from a product (such as margarine) to collect a little bit of water, or even an old drinking glass. Any container will work! When my container filled up and I didn't need all of the water, I just stored it away for later- in an old gallon bottle with a lid or something like that.

At my old house, I kept a bucket under a place where our gutters had a leak. That bucket filled up with even just a little bit of rain! So if you've got a gutter issue and need a LOT of water, that may be a good place for your collecting.


Melissa ~ A BumbleBaby Mommy said...

Be sure to keep a lid on the bucket - you don't want children falling in.

I've ordered a rain barrel from Ace - and we saw some beautiful planters at our latest buying show that the manuf is working on making into rain barrels!

Doris Sturm said...

Great post and a good reminder, Samantha! Hopefully we'll get a little more rain here. A 5-gal bucket seems to work best for me too since the rain can't splash out like it did when I used a more shallow container.