Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bees + Team + Challenge + ♥ + August!!

Lots of our members participated in the August Team Challenge and my oh my, what BEEutiful items our creative team has produced in honor of our very first challenge!! Jewelry was a very common theme.... Bees make LOVELY accessories, don't you think!?

She also created a couple of great bee ACEOs!

Member SturmDM created all these bee items (yes, each word is linked to a different bee!!) and had a couple sales, too! Way to go!:

Member SheilaSatin created a sweet Bee Bracelet- how adorable!

LonesomeRoadStudio created a very cool necklace dubbed "The Buzz!"

SamanthasArtStudio created a BEE Kind bracelet:
NightShadesArt created a lovely Leather Cuff Bee Bracelet:

And Treatsoap created a soap called Bee My Honey- with scents of oatmeal, milk, honey, and cinnamon! YUM!!

I know I've seen some pictures of other members' challenge items, but I couldn't find them in your shops- so I didn't list them here as I didn't want to be a tease in case someone wanted to buy it and it's not listed!

If I've forgotten your item, I sincerely apologize and BEE sure to convo me on Etsy ASAP, and I'll add your item to the blog right away!

I tried to keep track of everyone's but these were the ones I saw posted on the Ning, and I was able to find them the fastest :)
If you're working on an item, let me know when it's done- and you can add a blog here about it, too!

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