Saturday, August 9, 2008

HOORAY!! A treasury for us!

Please pass on the link. Share the team treasury loooove! :)

You can also put the link into your shop announcement while the treasury is active- don't forget to take it down though, hehe.

I picked the most colorful selections I could find from our team members. Hope you get some views, some hearts, some sales, and some love!


Doris Sturm said...

That is awesome, Samantha, I love your selections and not just because you included one of my items ;-)

I've still yet to learn how to do a Treasury....maybe one day, if I ever get time from rescuing kittens ;-) said...

Help the honeybees! Prevent the loss of the world food supply.
Learn how you can help cure Colony Collapse Disorder.
Visit thebeetree(dot)org.

nicolecarey said...

i want to join the beeteam! I live in philly and am starting to put some fundraising things together, i will try to notify the philly etsy team about the bee team. i am trying to figure out how to join the team on etsy?