Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sorry to report, CCD has come to our team!

Due to non-popular demand, our team challenge was cancelled and no further date has been established.

It is common practice (or non practice, in this case) to check in on the Ning website in order to coordinate and keep informed with the team's happenings, only since most members don't check in on Ning, it's impossible to run a team!

If you have any suggestions or input concerning how to revive the Etsy Honey Bee Helpers team, then please post your suggestions and comments here. Unfortunately, as with many things in life, the good intentions are there, but without action, nothing can happen.

Over and out!

Wishing you well and happy trails...


GreenGoddess said...

I'm still confused as to where to go for what, and nothing appeared to be going on, so I thought I was looking in the wrong place. There's this blog, the Ning page, our individual pages...? I guess maybe it's all just too confusing for everybody??

Lorrie said...

I think that summer is a very busy time for everyone. It is for me. My schedule is crazy. With the fall nearly here I believe it would be fun to try another challenge.Perhaps without a vote. An opportunity for us to challege our imagination and stimulate creativity in each other. Like an art show for the team. With a shorter time span so we keep focused and procrastinators like me get our act together quickly. Green Goddess has a point that we should be specific as to exactly when and where to post entries. What do you all think? Any ideas for the challenge?

Melissa ~ A BumbleBaby Mommy said...

oh - I'm sad that things are fizzling out ~ summer is crazy busy around here. . . and I've not done much with Etsy. I just realized last week that 2/3 of my shop had expired! No wonder I wasn't getting any orders!!! I'm ready for a challenge!

Anonymous said...

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